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I resolved 25 years’ worth of emotional baggage in just 3 sessions with Sharon!

Being a business owner and father of 5, my life is busy and eventful. I’m not one who trusts easily, or lets their guard down for that matter. My marriage and family relationships were being affected by unresolved emotinoal baggage – deep down I knew I needed help. Sharon provided a feeling of safety where I could trust her integrity fully. She used many techniques I had never heard of, and I could not believe how much my body released in such a short amount of time with her expert guidance. I came away feeling happier, and much lighter in my body – as if I had left lots of emotional deluge behind that had been weighing me down for many years. My wife commented that ‘she had her husband back’ and I would have to say that my marriage is in a much better place, along with my connection with my kids because of it. If you’re looking for a coach who ‘walks her talk’ and who is dedicated to her clients – hire Sharon.

Dan Johnson – Business Owner | www.diamondjimspressurecleaning.com

I’ve finally cleared the self-sabotaging patterns and memories I’d been carrying around since childhood 

My experience with Sharon has been positive on so many levels. I have been on a journey of healing from my past for many years and at times it had seemed too confusing and difficult to heal the deep emotional issues. Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at continuing to deal with the same emotional symptoms over and over again, I was curious and decided to investigate it further. I came across Sharon’s information online and had three sessions. My first impression was how sincere, caring and compassionate she is and because of her level of emotional intelligence – she could focus on my deep hidden emotional issues quickly. I wouldn’t say feeling those emotions was comfortable, yet she always made me feel safe and secure. I felt she was able to delve deep enough to allow healing, but not too deep that I’d lose the plot.

My relationship with my partner and family has definitely improved immensely. I would recommend Sharon’s sessions for anyone wanting to heal from the past – or just to grow as a person.

Darren Brookes | Queensland, Australia

Working with Sharon helped me improve business and family relationships

Thank you Sharon. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have met you and benefitted from your amazing skills.

You are unique. I feel very blessed to have you as a mentor in my journey. I’m in a happier place in my life because of your innovative methods.

Since my sessions, I’m feeling creative once more (started painting), I am riding again and feel inspired in using the techniques you taught me whenever I can!

Looking forward to continuing with my next session.

I feel honoured to know such loyal and caring people like you are only a phone call away.

Kindest wishes

Dr Jill | Queensland, Australia

Saying YES to putting my Relationship with myself first – and my family are better off for it!

Being a mum of 3 small children and running my virtual business, it’s a challenge to find time to focus on my needs. Sharon helped me move through challenging periods in my life, always guiding me to make myself a priority. Her calm and practical advice was easy to follow and allowed me to experience a sense of accomplishment. She is one of those gems who truly wants the best for you, cheering you on and reminds me to celebrate my successes – even on days when I am not being as loving as can be towards myself. She is uplifting and reminds me to laugh which is so important when I’m ‘in my head’. She has a unique ability to ‘tune in’ to what is really going on with insight and accuracy and always calls it as it is. Feeling balanced allows me to be more present for my children, husband and clients. With Sharon as a Coach, I experience emotional balance – as my priority – with ease and grace. Trust your gut. If you know working with Sharon feels right, do yourself a favour, make yourself a priority too – and get in touch with her!

Krissy Rophia – Nutrition and Health Coach | www.hernourished.com

A more profitable business. Increased energy. Clarity. And improved family relationships – WOW!

Working with Sharon has created substantial shifts in my life. Sadly, there have been a few traumatic events in my life that I was overwhelmed with and did not know where to start. In her presence I felt respected and reassured we would get to them in the order that was best for me. I felt connected to everything she did and one by one, we resolved each painful memory. This has made such a positive difference in my business, relationships and my energy levels. From the first day I started to work with her I felt such relief and more confident in my ability to resolve my problems. Sharon makes that possible because she has the utmost committment to my results and a way about her that is calming and nurturing. It’s like I can feel the goodness and healing abilities happening instantly when I am with her. After my sessions I feel so much lighter, happier and hopeful for the future, with helpful techniques to keep me on track. I was amazed at how powerful these tools are, and how quickly the results followed – and lasted.

Karen Pollock – Spa Owner | www.shimizuspa.com.au

I wanted to send you an overdue, yet heart felt thank you.

After completing your Emotional Balance course in December, I have had the toughest six months of my life.

I lost my beautiful Aunt in the new year. More recently my husband of almost 18 years and I separated and just over a week ago I lost my 17 year old Dog, Zues, my dearest companion.

I am so very grateful to have learnt the techniques that you taught me, to help me through this difficult time. I found that at my most anxious moments, I would “slip” into them without even being aware that I was. All of the things you taught me kept me sane – literally!

Although initially, I sort your council for weight loss and childhood issues, I have found that the modalities you use are remarkable tools to be used in any situation, anywhere. Your humble, perceptive and patient nature is a blessing. So thank you again, Sharon.

Dionne Lock | Queensland, Australia

Goodbye to anxiety, emotional eating and feeling overwhelmed!

I experienced great success with Sharon helping me with resolving emotional baggage which was playing out by emotional eating, anxiety and overwhelm. The techniques she uses gets to the root of your issues,  allowing your mind, heart and body to heal easily. She helped me realize that I could make peace with my past and change my body’s reaction to past events (within a matter of minutes!). In addition, I learned that sometimes the things that are affecting us the most, aren’t even the big traumas we think of in our lives; they are little things people said or did to us. Sharon is a great listener, highly intuitive, and one of the most compassionate practitioners I’ve worked with. Since my sessions, I feel more happier, my sleep has improved, I am naturally drawn to healthier foods and my patience in my relationships with my friends, family, husband and 5 children is so much better.

Gemma Johnson | Founder – Grow, Make and Bake Community Swap

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Leica Pitt
Leica Pitt
I have been to counsellors and physiologists before but it just didn't work for me, I had wanted to go to Sharon for a long time and finally decided to give it a go and I'm so happy I did, she's extremely caring, her techniques are wonderful and after years of carrying baggage around with me I am finally free of it. If you need help I couldn't recommend Sharon highly enough, she is one in a million I can finally move on with my life and leave my baggage behind.
Sharon is such an amazing and talented woman! She has helped me unlock the traumas that many therapists and psychologists haven’t been able to do. Sharon is so knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding and provides a safe and nurturing environment. I will be forever grateful for our sessions and how much she has changed my life.
Sarah S
Sarah S
Working with Sharon has been wonderful and enlightening. She is compassionate, highly skilled and has a wealth of knowledge that assisted me in making huge shifts in my life. ❤
Sharon helped me develop skills to stay balanced day to day
Nikki Duncan
Nikki Duncan
I will be forever grateful for the sessions I had with Sharon. She helped me move through some very deep trauma and gave me clarity on my life, my relationship, and my path forward. During my sessions I always felt validated, heard, and respected, and her warm and welcoming energy made it a very nurturing environment to share and heal. I learnt so many things that I will take with me on my journey, and I now feel very confident knowing that I can handle any situation that arises in the future with the tools and knowledge she has given me. Sending much gratitude to you Sharon 🙂
Trish Elkington
Trish Elkington
My work with Sharon was transformational. Fear and anxiety that has plagued me for years has gone. I feel stronger and calmer, and have practical tools for life going forward.
Karen Hecht
Karen Hecht
Sharon made it easy to understand what was "actually" going on in my marriage, and helped me to improved my communication too.
joanne boland
joanne boland
Thankyou Sharon for guiding and supporting me with tools to move forward in my relationship both with my partner...and myself xx
Adele Carrington
Adele Carrington
My sessions with Sharon have been one of the best investments I've made in myself, having searched for solutions to things I felt held me back for most of my adult life. Not only did we clear emotional childhood & adult traumas, I learned easy & affective skills to help manage my emotional state & challenges that may arise in the future. Sharon has a calm, empathetic & caring nature; more then capable of helping you heal or improve your relationships with yourself or others. I can't recommend Sharon enough. Thanks Sharon 🙂
Jenny Frath
Jenny Frath
Sharon was excellent and was a great help after my separation. She assisted me in dealing with the real issues and moving through it. I highly recommend her!
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