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Aromatherapy sessions can be customised with a combination of your preferred services:

Aromatherapy is the use of 100% pure essential oils containing no additives. Essential oils are concentrated extracts or the ‘essence’ distilled from flower, herbs and tree parts – like bark, roots, peels, and petals, which contain pheromones, antibiotics and cell regeneration agents that energise, protect and nourish. They are revered both for their aroma and their therapeutic value, hence the word ‘Aromatherapy’. It takes a lot of plant product to make essential oils – more than 200 pounds of lavender flowers are used to make just 1 pound of lavender essential oil. The use of pure essential oils allows the medicinal qualities of the oil to have a natural uplifting effect on the emotions.
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Aromatherapy works through the sense of smell, is absorbed readily through the skin and can be used in the home in various ways:
  • Aromatic spritzers
  • Bathing salts
  • Body oils, creams or lotions
  • Topical application
  • Candles
  • Clay masks
  • Diffusers
  • Facial steamers
  • First aid treatment
  • Home cleaning products
  • Hot and cold compresses
  • Inhalers
  • Massage and therapeutic services
How does Aromatherapy work?
Plant extracts have been used for thousands of years for their exquisite aromas and natural healing powers, having a very powerful effect on the body and mind. The effect is experienced through the sense of smell which is linked to the deepest parts of the brain governed by your basic instincts, thoughts and emotions. It takes approximately four seconds for an essential oil to reach the brain through the sense of smell and four minutes to be absorbed into the blood stream through the skin. Rich in botanical activity and antioxidants, plant oils encourage radiant, healthy skin, working at a cellular level to keep the complexion soft and looking youthful. They enter and leave the body very efficiently leaving no toxic residue behind and are excreted through normal bodily functions.
What are the benefits of Aromatherapy?
  • Alleviate side effects of chemotherapy
  • Assist with hospice and palliative care
  • Boost immunity
  • Ease discomforts of labour
  • Fight bacteria, virus, or fungus
  • Improve digestion
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Manage pain
  • Reduce stress, agitation, and anxiety
  • Soothe sore joints
  • Treat headaches and migraines

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Facebook and Google Reviews from previous clients who have successfully worked with Sharon