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Aura-Soma (Colour Therapy)

Aura Soma (Colour Therapy) can be customised with a combination of preferred services:

Many clients love the use of Aura Soma (Colour Healing) during their sessions! As a passionate lover of colours, I’ve always been drawn to particular ones at different phases of my life. All you have to do is look outside and see the refreshing and invigorating array of colours in mother nature in plants and the landscape. Home décor, art, flowers, fruits, vegetables, animals and sales/marketing all use colour extensively and understanding the significance of the magnetic allure of colour enhances your happiness and vitality each day.

Aura (latin for akin to air, a slight breath, vapour or shimmer) and Soma (the ancient Greek word for body), uses colour therapy to balance our bodies, emotions and minds and help us on our spiritual journey. Everything in this universe is related and colour is a wonderful way to understand this relationship.

Six coloured Aura Soma Colour Therapy bottles in a row

In sessions we often use Aura-Soma to:

  • Engage your ‘right brain’ (the creative and intuitive side)
  • Get out of your head and feel into your heart
  • Bypass your ego through the sensory medium of colour
  • Engage your exciting playful and curious side
  • Provide a safe space for self-awareness, discovery and break throughs
  • Consciously connect into your subconscious easily
  • Rediscover your challenges and gifts so you live your full potential
  • Transform your vulnerabilities into your greatest strengths
  • Affirm the best way forward when at a cross-roads
  • Declutter your head so you return to equilibrium and ease
  • Applying the beautifully scented fragrances to your body
  • Feel uplifted, inspired and joyous again

There are over 100 dual coloured bottles that contain the energies of plants, crystals and colour. They are living energies and interact with our energy field when we stand in front of them. The colours you are drawn to and select are the colours you need at present, reflecting the needs that we have hidden within ourselves. Our colour choice helps us to recognize these needs at a deep level providing a bridge of communication between the self and the soul.

Often clients will share with me they are wearing and purchasing different coloured items, using Aura-Soma products in everyday life and appreciating the kaleidoscope of colours they are drawn to and seeing their life in a new and positive light.

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Facebook and Google Reviews from previous clients who have successfully worked with Sharon