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Face Reading (Physiognomy)

Face Reading can be customised with a combination of your preferred services:

Face reading or Physiognomy, is an ancient art of analyzing a person’s character based on their facial features. Every facial feature – such as the shape of the face, narrow eyes, big nose, long chin, thick eyebrows etc. – has a psychological meaning. It is a profound way to improve relationships and connect with people at a much deeper level, whilst gaining insights into how you process differently to those around you.

Originally utilised as a medical diagnostic tool dating back over 2000 years, it has been widely used in areas of health, well-being and relating to others. I teach this work with the view of establishing healthy relationships. You can learn how others view of the world has been shaped, both by the qualities they are born with and the environmental conditions which has influenced their perception. Your face is constantly changing, meaning as you gain awareness of your limiting patterns and beliefs, there is an immediate opportunity to create new experiences.

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What does Face Reading identify?

Would you like to learn Face Reading and enhance your communication with people?
At a glance, with over 92% accuracy, you can discover their…

  • Natural talents
  • Personality traits
  • Career suitability
  • Learning style
  • Communication style
  • Decision making process
  • Mental attitudes
  • Romantic partner preference
  • Strengths and challenges
  • Childhood impacts and influences
  • Where your energy is directed
  • Your priority of expression (naturally and from a learnt conditioning)
  • How others can perceive you
  • Limiting beliefs and repeating patterns
  • Habitual expressions which becomes form
Who benefits from learning Face Reading?
Suitable for business owners, practitioners, sales people, parents, caregivers and anybody wanting to enhance meaningful and connection with others.

Improve your communication and understanding of everybody you interact with so you enjoy happier and more fulfilling relationships (whether it is with a partner, family, friends or work colleagues).

How can I learn Face Reading?

I wrote a book on it! It’s a comprehensive full cover, 128 page reference e-book explaining everything, all for only $9.95 AUD.
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Discover the Secrets of Face Reading… What is your face saying about you?

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Facebook and Google Reviews from previous clients who have successfully worked with Sharon