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Crystal Healing can be customised with a combination of your preferred services:

Crystal Healing is the use of a crystal’s vibration to positively affect the human energy field. Long gone are the days when crystals were reserved for yogis and spiritual gurus. And it’s very easy to see why everyone is using crystals. Beyond being pretty to look at, they enhance your ability to manifest your desires, harness creativity, wellness, self-love and spiritual connection. Crystals act as a conduit for healing – allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body improving relaxation and sleep while attracting abundance. They all assist in pushing negative, toxic, disease-causing energy out.

If there’s a particular stone you’re drawn to visually, I recommend listening to your intuition – the pull you feel may be a subconscious realization of an unexpressed need. Always trust your instincts!

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How do I use crystals in my daily life?

There are several ways to use healing crystals, including wearing them in clothes or carrying them, laying them on your body, creating a special place in the home or workplace to display and balance the environment, bathing in them, sleeping next to them or even drinking some crystal-infused water.
What are the benefits of Crystal Healing?
  • Improving and enriching our relationships by helping us experience deep calmness on all levels, allowing good communication to flow
  • By balancing the energy body and releasing the imbalance of energy blocks, it helps with chronic pains and illnesses, trauma, stress, anxiety, tension, depression and more. It also helps in healing various emotional and spiritual issues
  • Enhancing mental clarity and focus, concentrations and memory (great for exam time). It also helps in enhanced awareness of the self and mindfulness
  • Helping in career, work, business and finances and with setting, strengthening and achieving short and long term intentions
  • Generates and maintains an enhanced sense of well-being and positivity in times of stress
  • Assists with cleansing our energy body (Aura) and balances our energy centres (chakras)
  • Establishing and strengthening our connection with the higher consciousness and channelling the divine universal life force energy
How do crystals help us heal?
To heal is to feel. Crystals are tools to help you go to those deeper layers within yourself, yet you still have to do the inner work. The metaphysical powers of crystals were no mystery to most of our ancient cultures including the Egyptians, Native North Americans, Chinese Indians, South Americans, Australian Aborigines and Sumerians.

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Facebook and Google Reviews from previous clients who have successfully worked with Sharon